Pornhub has removed several million videos that it must now watch carefully

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Pornhub's video collection suddenly shrank from over 13.5 million to around 2.9 million. This is the aftermath of a journalistic investigation and the very negative conclusions it brought.

Pornhub has deleted most of its videos

New York Times journalists were tempted to write an extensive article in which they presented Pornhub in a very negative light. One of the most popular internet portals can have a lot of trouble, not only in terms of image, but also financial and legal. Over 10 million videos were removed in one night. Even on Sunday evening, the website contained over 13.5 million films, today only about 2.9 million. This coincided with the publication of a security note, new security features, and a content verification policy. It was also mentioned that the possibility of sending unverified content was blocked, and only those created by partners and members of the Model program were left on the website. The rest must be carefully verified. Mastercard and Visa have suspended payments to Pornhub Unfortunately, the matter is serious. The New York Times report stated, among other things, that Pornhub featured not only films from illegal sources, but also films showing sexual violence or films with minors and children, and we would probably agree that everyone should condemn it. It is certainly done by Visa and Mastercard, which reacted quickly to the whole situation and blocked the possibility of paying with the cards they issued on Pornhub. Both also decided to verify the reports of New York Times journalists. According to Reuters, in the case of Mastercard, the presence of "illegal content" on Pornhub was very quickly confirmed. At Visa, similar efforts are still underway. As you might guess, Pornhub isn't thrilled about it. He described the actions of Visa and Mastercard as "extremely disappointing because it was introduced just two days after Pornhub decided to apply the most far-reaching security measures in the history of such platforms." Pornhub is an internet giant and although it is a website with adult content, it was able to properly take care of its image and, although it can be said that it is unnecessary, warm it up. For example, supporting the foundation or such actions as a few months ago, when he became involved in the fight against the pandemic. Now he can take quite a toll on his image.
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