Erotic dreams and their meaning?

User: FapAdult
Let's start, however, with a brief explanation. During sleep, our brain processes everything we experienced throughout the day, creates a kind of dream - erotic ones as well - even though we did not experience any erotic adventure during the day - it does not work that way. Scientists say that erotic dreams are usually a reflection of what you are missing at the moment in your life. It is not just "sex" but more than that. Exactly, but what? Did you dream about your colleague from work? Have you checked the strength of your desk, or have you smashed documents on the table in the conference room? This is a very common fantasy among men. It doesn't mean that you want to sleep with her, but rather… that you want to have at least one of her character traits. Seriously. Has great results at work? Everyone likes her? Has a great sense of humor? She is very creative? Subconsciously, you probably envy her something and not just look at her tits. Have you dreamed that you were fucking your own boss? Well ... You probably want control and power - not just having sex with your boss. Do you dream about a fuck with your favorite celebrity? Here you have to think about it, because if you dream of a specific star, maybe you really want to fuck with this person, or maybe ... not at all? Maybe you care about prestige, wealth, fame? Sex with a stranger? It is a very frequent erotic dream - both among men and women of all ages. Depending on who the stranger is, the dream can have different meanings. If you can't see her face, it's all about her looks… if you're fucking an older woman, you probably care not for her femininity, but for family and home - seriously. Sex with your own / own ex? It's just as often a recurring dream. Either you murdered her and persecuted you, or you have not fully reconciled with the separation ...
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