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The idea to create such a porn videos aggregation site was invented in October 2019 by two developers. Initially, it was aimed at learning new things, mastering the existing knowledge, using new technologies and methods of optimization. We started with the basic thing, writing out the assumptions for the functionality of the website. Then we created the basic mock-up and design and went to work. The website was created after hours, after daytime work, it was temporarily about 10 hours a week. We obtained the necessary information about porn movies and where to get their sources. In the spring of 2020, the website was already ready and had the functionality of displaying movies, sorting and searching by phrases. At that time, we came up with the name FapAdult, we connected the domain and launched the website so that it could be indexed in search engines. We spent the next six months developing the FapAdult website. All data on porn movies has been separated into a separate backend, our original CMS was created from which we can add this post. Search has been improved, video categories have been added, recently viewed videos, the ability to save to favorites, menus, etc. Now you can enjoy the simplicity and speed of fapadult.com. The site is currently in beta. We will try to supplement the blog with various information from the world of porn and we will create GIF materials :) If you have any problems, feel free to share your suggestions at info@fapaudlt.com You're welcome ! The FapAdult team
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