Petting - what is it, petting techniques, how to prepare?

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The first sexual contacts are associated with embarrassment resulting from inexperience. In order to get to know your own body and body of your partner, get to know your preferences and learn to touch in such a way as to arouse excitement and increase desire, it is worth deciding first to have sex without penetration, i.e. petting. What is it and what are the ways to do petting? We explain in the article prepared by us. It would seem that sex without penetration does not exist. Nothing could be more wrong! Petting, because we are talking about it, is a great way to effectively stimulate, which leads to complete sexual satisfaction. What exactly is this form of stimulation and how do you petting yourself to end an orgasm?

What is petting?

Petting is nothing but sex without penetration. It consists in stimulating the most erogenous places without the use of a penis, which include not only intimate places, but also the earlobes, neck, neck, bends of the elbows and knees, back and thighs. Caresses, of course, go both ways - in petting both men and women enjoy. Who is this form of caressing for? This is a great solution for people who have not experienced their "first time" yet, do not feel fully ready to start full sexual activity, cannot afford classic intercourse, and want to quickly and effectively relieve sexual tension or are afraid of an unplanned enlargement of the family. It is true that the relationship between petting and pregnancy is small - the risk of fertilization during this type of stimulation is very limited, however, it is worth remembering that this form of intercourse cannot be treated as a form of contraception - in the state of excitement, the male member releases ejaculate, which also contains sperm - it is important to be cautious, especially during the woman's fertile days and in a situation when the man has come into contact with the secretion, residues of which may have remained on his hands, which stimulate the woman's intimate parts.

Petting techniques

What should the first petting look like and what are the ways to do petting? If you are just starting to discover each other's intimacy, first of all remember about sensitivity and tenderness. Explore your own bodies and carefully study the body's response to specific forms of touch. Keep in mind that the first intercourse may be ineffective and not fully satisfying - there is nothing strange or wrong with that, everyone who starts intercourse must take time to fully get used to their own body and discover their intimacy. If you are ready for a closer relationship with your partner and are wondering how to do petting to make it enjoyable, here are some of the most popular techniques:
  • caressing the clitoris, vagina and anus with the hand or fingers
  • hand stimulation
  • oral sex, i.e. stimulation of intimate places with the mouth and tongue
  • sham intercourse - inserting a member between the breasts, thighs, buttocks, elbows or knees bends and performing a sliding motion
  • rubbing each other's genitals in underwear or naked

Petting methods

How to do petting to enhance the sensation? The most important rule is feeling and gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulation. If this is your first petting, start with a relaxing massage that will let you relax and feel the intimate atmosphere. Equip yourself with a massage oil or an olive, also take care of the right atmosphere - candles will bring intimacy to the bedroom and an atmosphere conducive to further caresses. Kisses can be the next step - it is worth giving them to the whole body, especially focusing on the erogenous zones. This will allow you to move on to the next step, which is the stimulation of intimate parts. How to wake up a woman to bring her to orgasm? Start by kissing and touching your breasts - if you can see that your partner is responding well, you can move down. Start caressing the genitals with the clitoris - this is the most sensitive point in a woman's body, so start gently, and also ensure proper hydration. If the woman is not naturally wet, use a lubricant, preferably water-based - thanks to this, the partner will avoid possible irritation and allergic reactions. It is worth starting to stimulate the clitoris by gently rubbing it and making circular movements. Don't impose a fast pace right away - this may not only frustrate your partner who will reach orgasm too quickly, but also cause discomfort, especially if the organ is not moist enough. When you feel your loved one's excitement growing, you can intensify the sensation by stimulating the vaginal opening and then inserting one or two fingers inside - here, too, be careful not to cause a woman the pain that is a natural ailment in virgins. As excitement increases, intensify your hand movements, not forgetting the clitoris. Vaginal orgasms can be more difficult to achieve than clitoral orgasms, especially at the beginning sexual activity. How to have sex without penetration to fully satisfy a man? While in the case of women, erogenous sites are located in different areas of the body, in men they are most accumulated on the penis. Stimulate it with your hand, focusing primarily on the head of the penis. Start with a gentle touch and stroking, then you can start gently kneading it and making a sliding up and down motion. Also take care of the testicles, but here you should be especially careful - these are extremely sensitive places, especially when excited. If your partner's penis is not properly moistened, use lubricant - dry stimulation can cause discomfort and even pain. If you notice that the man is getting closer to orgasm (you will feel his penis throbbing), intensify the movement of your hand, and certainly keep caressing. If you are already familiar enough with your bodies and have broken the barrier of embarrassment, you can offer your loved one stimulation in the form of mock intercourse. Put your penis between your breasts and make a noble motion. For more experienced women, foot stimulation is recommended. An exciting form of petting is also the introduction of a penis between the partner's buttocks, which can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris or take a caress from the partner - here, however, be careful as the risk of possible fertilization increases, especially at the final stage of stimulation. Oral caresses are another option of sex without penetration - this form, however, is not recommended at the initial stage of intercourse, because it requires not only full trust and lack of embarrassment, but also a feeling of readiness, especially in the case of stimulation with the penis mouth.

Petting for advanced

Sex without penetration is recommended for beginners, but this does not mean that it is reserved exclusively for them. The methods of petting can be different - apart from stimulating with hands or oral caresses, you can equip yourself with erotic accessories that will diversify your close-ups, enhancing the sensations. What toys to choose? If you are looking for a gadget that will satisfy your partner, vibrators for women will be a great solution - both those dedicated to clitoral massage and the classic vaginal ones. If you are looking for shared toys, multi-purpose vibrators will be perfect. A vibrator for two will stimulate a woman vaginally and give anal pleasure to a man - at the same time, a partner's member can be placed between the woman's buttocks, which will certainly intensify the sensations. The offer of sex shops also includes multifunctional massagers that can be used to massage the back, bringing relief to tense muscles and provide intense stimulation of intimate places, and vibrators on a suction cup that allow the simultaneous satisfaction of a woman, who at this time can give oral pleasure to a man. For couples expecting stronger sensations, vibrators with an electrostimulation function are recommended. Petting is a recipe for sexual satisfaction for both novice couples who want to get to a stage higher than masturbation, and those with many years of experience who need a variety. The methods of petting can be varied, and hand stimulation can take on a variety of techniques and intensity, thus ensuring an unforgettable experience. However, it should be remembered that the first petting should take place when both parties trust each other, in favorable conditions, in which there is an intimate atmosphere, and the partners feel safe - both physical and mental comfort plays a huge role in achieving orgasm and feeling sexual satisfaction.
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