The perfect number of sexual partners is said to exist. It was established in a new study

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Intimate life should never be a reason for harassment, ridicule or embarrassment. Unfortunately, in many cases this is still the case, and what is worse, this sphere of life has long been ruled by double standards. And these are most evident when it comes to the number of sexual partners. According to many people, a large number of male bed partners is a confirmation of masculinity and a natural experience. However, the same number for women often becomes a basis for accusations of "promiscuity" or "lack of respect". Of course, it's hard to find more nonsense. However, it is sad that in the 21st century so many women are deprived of their right to sexuality. Coming back to the number of sexual partners - comparing oneself with others in this field seems pointless, but probably everyone wonders if his experiences are "normal" or not. In one of the latest studies, it was decided to examine this "norm" - at least from the partners' perspective. In other words, what number of previous sexual experiences is considered optimal if you ask this question to people in a long-term relationship?

The ideal number of sexual partners - how much is it?

This question was answered by the respondents in the survey commissioned by the IllicitEncounters website. There were exactly two thousand of them - a thousand men and a thousand women. Their task was to determine the optimal number of sexual partners for their partner. What number of bed experiences is considered the best? As much as 52 percent of all respondents answered that the ideal number of sexual partners is 13. In turn, for 73 percent. of the respondents 18 or more partners is definitely too many - they decided that a person with such experience may be “difficult to satisfy”. For many people, the high number of sexual partners is a disincentive. Nobody wants to be just another "number". On the other hand, we also don't want to go out with someone who has virtually no experience because we expect them to be awkward in bed. Thirteen is the perfect number to ensure your partner is experienced, experimental, and open-minded about bed matters Jessica Leoni from IllicitEncounters commented. At this point, however, it's worth adding that IllicitEncounters is an extramarital affair service, so the survey results may not be representative of the general public. The study also confirms the thesis that women are assessed in terms of their erotic life in a much more severe way than men. As much as 67 percent. of women admitted that they happened to lie about the number of sexual partners. In the case of men, this percentage was only 13%. The conclusion is obvious - women do not want to tell the truth about their experiences for fear of being judged and shamed.
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